Lauren LaPointe



Fueling Entrepreneurial Dreams

Lauren advocates “Raising Capital with Class” and educates founders on fundraising do’s and don’ts. With a passion for VC funding, she provides invaluable guidance, emphasizing the importance of polished pitches and effective investor relations. By instilling integrity and professionalism, Lauren sets founders on a path to success, helping them secure the resources needed to bring their entrepreneurial visions to life.

Investor Network

Personalized Approach

Post-Investment Support

Confidentiality & Trust

Elevating Ventures, Unleashing Potential Through Strategic Investments.

Fundraising Services

Lauren believes that raising capital requires a strategic and well-executed approach. With her expertise and extensive network of investors, she guides you through the capital raising process, offering personalized solutions that align with your unique business goals and financial needs.
Lauren offers consulting services to help founders develop effective pitch decks that clearly and convincingly communicate their business and its value proposition to potential investors.
Helping founders build and maintain positive relationships with investors, providing ongoing communication and updates on the company’s progress and milestones.
She consults founders on how to build positive and respectful relationships with potential investors, including appropriate communication methods, timing, and frequency.
Guides founders on how to effectively network with potential investors, including strategies for building and maintaining relationships, appropriate conversation topics, and follow-up techniques.
Lauren consults founders on how to deliver a professional and compelling investor pitch, including strategies for presenting information, handling questions, and maintaining composure and confidence.
Teaches founders how to dress professionally and appropriately for investor meetings, including guidance on attire, grooming, and personal presentation.
Consults founders on appropriate etiquette for following up with potential investors, including proper timing, methods, and messaging.
Assists on how to navigate cultural differences and expectations when conducting business with potential investors from different backgrounds and regions.
Teaching founders about the importance of building long-term relationships with potential investors, including strategies for maintaining regular communication, providing updates on business progress, and expressing appreciation for support.