Lauren LaPointe
Corporate & Personal  Etiquette Consultant

Corporate & Personal Etiquette Consultant


The Power of Poise

Lauren provides guidance and training to individuals and organizations on appropriate behavior, manners, and social skills in various professional and personal settings. Her services include teaching proper communication skills, social etiquette, business etiquette, dress code, and cultural awareness to help individuals or organizations navigate social situations with confidence and ease.

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Corporate and Personal Etiquette Consultancy Services

Lauren believes that etiquette is more than just following a set of rules; it is about fostering positive relationships, building trust, and leaving a lasting impression. With her expert guidance, she helps you develop essential etiquette skills necessary to excel in today’s competitive landscape.
Lauren offers coaching to executives on how to improve their communication, body language, and overall presence to create a more powerful and professional image.
She conducts workshops for individuals or groups on personal branding and how to extend their brand through the way they present themselves.
Training sessions for individuals or groups on business etiquette, including topics such as networking, dining etiquette, and email etiquette.
Offers wardrobe consulting services to help clients build a professional and stylish wardrobe that reflects their personal brand.
Provides image consulting services to help clients develop a strong personal brand by aligning their appearance, behavior, and communication with their goals and values.
Provides training on international protocol and cultural etiquette to help clients navigate different customs and cultural expectations when conducting business internationally.
Offers social media branding services to help clients create a strong online presence that aligns with their personal or corporate brand.
Provides coaching to individuals or groups on how to improve their public speaking skills and confidently communicate their personal or corporate brand.
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