Lauren LaPointe
Lauren's Expertise

Lauren's Expertise


Event Producer

Proscenium Events, led by Lauren, is a thriving business venture specializing in comprehensive production services for a wide range of events. Whether it’s a spectacular grand opening, an impactful product launch, an elegant seated dinner cocktail affair, Proscenium Events excels in providing exceptional event coordination and partnership as we ARCH from one continent to another. From inception to fruition her team bring their creative prowess to every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable event experience.

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Global Connector

Lauren is a global connector with an extensive network of contacts and the ability to connect people and resources across different regions and cultures, with the goal of fostering collaboration and driving positive change on a global scale.

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Business Consultant

Lauren, a renowned business consultant, specializes in systems and habits management, corporate etiquette, and personal etiquette. She optimizes operations, enhances efficiency, and cultivates professional behavior. With her guidance, clients navigate diverse business settings confidently. Lauren’s consultancy services unlock success in today’s dynamic landscape.

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Corporate & Personal Etiquette Consultant

Lauren provides guidance and training to individuals and organizations on appropriate behavior, manners, and social skills in various professional and personal settings. Her services include teaching proper communication skills, social etiquette, business etiquette, dress code, and cultural awareness to help individuals or organizations navigate social situations with confidence and ease.

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Lauren advocates “Raising Capital with Class” and educates founders on fundraising do’s and don’ts. With a passion for VC funding, she provides invaluable guidance, emphasizing the importance of polished pitches and effective investor relations. By instilling integrity and professionalism, Lauren sets founders on a path to success, helping them secure the resources needed to bring their entrepreneurial visions to life.

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Motivational Speaker

Lauren has the remarkable ability to serve as a Motivational Speaker, igniting inspiration and drive within both individuals and organizations to conquer their objectives and enhance their overall performance. With her expertise, she delivers tailored content, valuable coaching, and transformative training, empowering individuals and teams to unlock their innate potential and embrace a more gratifying existence.

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Non-Profit Consultant

Lauren provides advisory services to non-profit organizations. She works with various non-profit organizations, including charities, foundations, social service agencies, and educational institutions, to help them address their challenges and achieve their goals. She provides a wide range of services, including strategic planning, program development, fundraising, board development, organizational management, and more.

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Competitive Ballroom Dancing

Lauren provides consulting to individuals or couples who compete in ballroom dancing competitions. She provides a competition strategy, with the goal of improving the dancers’ performance and competitive results.