Lauren LaPointe
Non-Profit Consultant

Non-Profit Consultant


Strategic Guidance for Non-Profit Success

Lauren provides advisory services to non-profit organizations. She works with various non-profit organizations, including charities, foundations, social service agencies, and educational institutions, to help them address their challenges and achieve their goals. She provides a wide range of services, including strategic planning, program development, fundraising, board development, organizational management, and more.

Non-Profit Expertise

Collaborative Approach

Customized Solutions

Commitment to Social Impact

Driving Positive Change, Empowering Nonprofits for a Better World.

Non-Profit Consultancy Services

Lauren takes a holistic approach to consulting, considering the diverse needs and complexities of non-profit organizations. Lauren works closely with your team to understand your mission, values, and organizational objectives. She then provides strategic guidance and practical solutions to enhance your operational efficiency, maximize resources, and optimize your impact.
Lauren helps not-for-profit organizations develop and implement an effective board of directors’ structure, including creating bylaws, identifying board member roles and responsibilities, and establishing governance policies.
Develops and implements a comprehensive fundraising strategy for not-for-profit organizations, including identifying fundraising goals, developing donor cultivation plans, and creating fundraising events.
Helps in writing and submitting grant proposals to secure funding for not-for-profit organizations.
Assists in developing and implementing a donor management system to track donor interactions, monitor donations, and maintain strong relationships with donors.
Evaluates the effectiveness of not-for-profit programs and services and provides recommendations for improvement.
Develops and implements a strategic plan for not-for-profit organizations to help them achieve their long-term goals and objectives.
Develops a marketing and communications plan to increase visibility and awareness of not-for-profit organizations and their mission.
Helps in developing and implementing a volunteer management system to recruit, train, and retain volunteers to support not-for-profit organizations.
Meet and discuss personalized needs and find solutions together